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Verwers + Petersen Villa

Elfin Forest, California


This as yet unrealized house for Todd Verwers AIA MAA and his family is sited on a sloped three-acre parcel approximately five miles from the Pacific Ocean.  The semi-rural parcel backs up to a nature preserve, ensuring privacy and a strong experiential connection to the rolling chaparral landscape.


In contrast to the natural terrain, the house is envisioned as two crisp volumes floating above the natural vegetation, which are configured to step down the slope.  The upper volume is the residence itself, whereas the semi-detached lower volume fronting the parking court is a self-contained design studio and guest unit.  These two volumes are geometrically interwoven and form a cohesive composition.  A terrace and lap pool are situated along the rear of the upper volume facing the preserve.


The living room space is cantilevered over the entry and garage, and the design is characterized by expansive, full-height window walls providing panoramic views from the house and a sense of immersion in the natural landscape.



Todd Verwers Architects

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