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Petersen Verwers Residence

San Francisco


Mid-century modern architecture in California embodied an authenticity unencumbered by historical kitsch and evoked an optimism for the future, while taking advantage of the unique light and climate of the region.  This extensive remodel of a 1962 tract house in San Francisco sought to maintain the mid-century spirit of the house, while adding a new level of refinement and grace.


The layout and spatial flow through the existing house was already quite efficient.  Without reconfiguring the interior layout extensively, carefully articulated modifications of the existing spaces and new interventions provide an unexpected sense of sophistication and opulence to the house, enhancing the inherent poetics of the 1960's “box” and creating a very personal, unique, and elegant residence for Todd Verwers and his wife.


To accentuate the experience of uninterrupted flow of space throughout the house, doors and wall openings were removed to provide uninterrupted ceiling planes.  Full height custom pocket doors retract, providing a sensation of spaces delineated by wall planes.  Shadow reveals and extensive custom detailing reinforce the feeling of lightness and spatial refinement in the house.

Todd Verwers enjoyed building much of this project himself.


Todd Verwers

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