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Arresø Lake Residence

Ramløse, Denmark


The site for this weekend home slopes gently south toward the picturesque Arresø Lake.  By orienting the structure across the slope and utilizing the full buildable width of the lot, panoramic views from all living spaces toward the lake are provided, and excavation work is minimized.

Conceived in a simple geometry, the house is articulated as a delicate “frame”, floating above the natural terrain and backing into the upslope hillside.  This frame is cut away to create strategically-oriented terraces, and “screening” volumes along the north edge containing an outdoor kitchen and terrace furniture storage.   The lower level, functioning as a base or podium for the frame, opens behind the integrated carport to provide circulation between the two levels, and a physical connection between the parking area to the north entry façade.

Living spaces on the upper level are delineated in glass within the armature of the frame.  Bedrooms are located on the lower level, all having access to outdoor terraces.  Integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces is thus achieved within an elegant and striking structure in the natural landscape.


Todd Verwers

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