Claresco Offices

Berkeley, California


Designed for a small software development company, this tenant improvement project involved the insertion of a new second floor deck and carefully positioned partitions within an existing two-story space.  Reception and meeting areas are located in the vaulted front portion of the space facing the street and light, while more secluded programmer work areas are located on both levels behind a longitudinal partition, which also functions as a guardrail wall for the upper level workspace.


The design highlighted the firm's servers as a visual centerpiece in a climate-controlled glass case within this demising partition.  An emergency generator guaranteeing server functionality was also integrated aesthetically into the rear of the space.


Todd Verwers



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TVA is a collaborative global architectural practice based in the Nordic design tradition, whose work enriches the lives of a diverse range of clients with a sense of profound simplicity, discipline and grace.

About Todd Verwers

Todd Blake Verwers is a Scandinavian-American architect with strong connections to the Danish design tradition.  Trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts...  see more

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