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Geocenter Møns Klint

Island of Møn, Denmark


The siting and concept of the Geocenter, an exhibition and visitors’ center situated on a bluff above primordial chalk cliffs on the Danish island of Møn, evokes the dynamic geological forces which created this natural attraction. The building is itself conceived as a landscape in the form of a partially submerged "sloping bridge", which emerges from the Danish underground as a messenger from primordial time revealing the chalk’s deepest secrets.  Visitors are provided with a sense of powerful tectonic forces as they move through the building and landscape.


By forming the structure as a "sloping bridge", numerous functional and experiential advantages are achieved.  The axis of the Geocenter is oriented perpendicular to the ridge line, and forms the spatial and psychological threshold to the cliffs.  Exhibition spaces are appropriately located underground at the low end of the tilted building volume.  From these spaces, visitors may ascend into crystalline glass monitors for light and views over the landscape.  The lobby, bookstore, and cafeteria are configured within the high end of the building, where visitors enjoy dramatic views over the sea.

International competition in collaboration with Interstice Architects

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