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Modern Architectural Design

As a Scandinavian and Nordic architect working with modern architectural design, Todd Verwers Architects offer clients a unique opportunity. Clients of Todd Verwers Architects get more than the benefit of working with an internationally recognized agency. They also have the luxury of having access to an entire range of architectural services. That means if you need an architect, for any reason, then the chances are good that Todd Verwers Architects could help.

Since 2009, when Scandinavian and Nordic Architect, Todd Verwers, began the agency, they have been providing clients with a boutique of design and architectural services. And Todd Verwers Architects serves clients throughout Europe and California. Are you looking for help with interior design or architectural changes? Do you need energy analysis or perhaps construction management services? These are a few of the many services and subconsulting options available at Todd Verwers Architects.

Using the tools of modern architectural design, combined with training and education in Scandinavian and Nordic architect design, along with Japanese and Danish design influence, Todd Verwers has created a portfolio of unique, stunning, and architectural works of art. That talent and experience, in addition to a team of leading architects, is also the Todd Verwers Architects difference.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting Todd Verwers Architects. And please feel free to browse our online portfolio to view some of our most recent work and award-winning designs. If you are in need of any type of architectural services, we invite you to contact us at Todd Verwers Architects to learn more about our services. The architectural difference is the kind that can be seen, and at Todd Verwers Architects, we think you will like what you see.

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