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Nordic Arts & Cultural Center

Nuuk, Greenland


This competition proposal for a 3,000 square meter theater and exhibition facility utilizes a urban site near Greenland’s central governmental complex, and provides new exterior and interior civic spaces while encouraging and  articulating circulation between adjacent urban and residential areas.  The design respects the scale of surrounding building fabric while expressing the character of the rugged, local terrain.  The building seems to hug the earth in response to the harsh arctic climate.  Rooftop surfaces are also utilized as an amphitheater and outdoor exhibition space, thus becoming part of the traversable landscape.


Planned for realization in two phases, the initial, primary structure is configured around two multi-functional theater spaces.  The semi-detached second phase structure, housing artists' quarters and workshops, forms together with the phase 1 structure a new urban street, thus stimulating activity within, around, and through the project.

Honorable Citation Award

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