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Ordrup Residence



Built in 1971, the original villa was designed for Per Henriksen, a notable Danish shipping magnate, and his wife.  The architecture of the large 600 square meter home is clearly based on a maritime theme, and the ship-like house straddles the large, steeply-sloping sloping lot. TVA was charged by new owners with the task of upgrading and remodeling the outdated interiors and systems of the entire house to a 21st century standard, with particular focus on the kitchen and bathrooms.  Maintaining the original spirit and maritime feel of the house was an important design parameter.

Three rooms were combined to create a new, expansive kitchen and dining space, featuring Italian kitchen components, Miele appliances, as well as a new skylight and lightwell.

The central hall and stairwell were refined to emphasize the striking geometry and height of this reception space.  New glass guardrail panels and stainless steel handrails with integrated step lighting accentuate and complement the texture of the brick walls.


Other custom design elements include a set of large mahogany pivoting doors between the entry and dining room.

Bathrooms were redesigned to induce a sense of calm repose utilizing a limited material palette and sensitive lighting.

Todd Verwers Architects was subsequently commissioned to redesign the property’s pool and pool terrace for the same owners.


Todd Verwers

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