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Ordrup Residence Pool and Terrace



Following completion of TVA - designed interior renovations to the owners’ 600 square meter home, design work commenced on replacement of the estate’s outdated concrete pool and terrace on the downslope rear side of the house.  The design objective to create an elegant and flexible terrace for enjoying the pool and entertaining guests was realized, while ensuring aesthetic and physical connection to the house and landscaped terracing below the pool.

In response to the owners’ desire for a maintenance-friendly pool and terrace, a self-cleaning, adjustable pedestal paving system with open paver joints was proposed around the new pool, providing concealed drainage under the pavers and preventing plant growth on the terrace surface.  Large format porcelain pavers from Italy were selected to accentuate the long axis of the pool and harmonize with the existing brick facades of the home.

Pool equipment is uniquely concealed in an underground chamber integrated into a new concrete retaining wall along the downslope edge of the pool terrace, eliminating noise issues commonly associated with pool equipment.

To extend use and enjoyment of the pool into the cold Danish winter months, and to insulate the pool from heat loss, a clear, retractable pool cover is installed.  Swimmers have the option of swimming under the cover during inclement weather. 

Recessed marker lighting in the edge pavers supplemented by indirect lighting in new landscaping along the terrace edge create an attractive evening views to the pool from the house above.  


Todd Verwers

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