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Q8 Kalbygård Service Stations

Låsby, Denmark


This innovative service station concept incorporates a conventional tanking plaza for cars and truck along with a spacious sales and dining area, and a rooftop playground.  The twin service station buildings on each side of a major motorway west of Aarhus, Denmark seem to rise organically from the grassy landscape of the region.  


The moss-covered roof extends over the tanking plaza to integrate all functions under one continuous form, while a bright red playground is cut into the roof plane and is accessed discretely from the rear of the building.


The project employs extensive exposed wood in the interior spaces and above the tanking plaza, which is uncommon for this building type.  The wood canopy and interior ceilings, along the tall frameless glass screen along the vaulted dining space create a warm and inviting atmosphere both inside and out.


Todd Verwers

In collaboration with Snøhetta and AG5

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