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Royal Montenegro Hotel & Casino

Kotor, Montenegro


The vision for the Montenegro Mountain Hotel & Casino, a luxury venture development, is one of a unique, world-class facility catering to the most discerning clientele. The dramatic setting for the hotel with spectacular views over the Adriatic Sea and mountainous landscape above the UNESCO-protected city of Kotor will contribute to the reputation of the facility as one of Europe’s prime luxury travel destinations.


The design concept  captures the sense the opulence and wonder of many James Bond film sets, providing hotel guests and visitors with a dream-like, transcendent experience of luxurious escape.  An atrium hotel with a twist, the atrium is essentially a verdant grotto carved into the mountain rock.  Waterfalls cascade from the lobby areas above to the natural pool and spa areas at the bottom of the complex.


The suites are embedded into the mountainside to integrate visually with the natural terrain.  Private terraces for each suite will open to the surrounding views.  The only prominent architectural form visible from below will be a crisp, prismatic volume housing lobby, restaurant and bar facilities, providing guests with a sense of floating over the landscape.

In collaboration with Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

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